Thoughts on consulting and startup life (with presentation)

I was fortunate enough to give a talk at the Wyant College of Optics to several students about my reflections on my early career in consulting and a startup. I am posting the pdf of the talk here for anyone that wants to go back to see the links.

The presentation is below:

I would also like to recommend my interview with Erin McDermott here.

And I know Erin is an active member of this forum, so I am sure if anyone has any further questions about consulting, @SpireStarter can jump in to answer them, as she is definitely the expert for consulting.


thanks for the Odd Engineer shoutout, @lrgraves and those movie references are CHEF’S KISS :sweat_smile:

Yes, definitely happy to field Q’s on those wanting to jump into freelancing.

p.s. @lrgraves did you guys record this?

We did not record it, unfortunately no.

Though it was not recorded, I think that if all of the attendees put our minds together, we could give a comprehensive play by play of what went down. Great presentation, Logan!