Erin McDermott on creating Odd Engineer, overcoming obstacles, and determination

This week we spoke with Erin McDermott, who has most recently created Odd Engineer, a service for companies to find experts in a field who they can quickly speak to for expert advice. Erin discusses how she got into optics, the many obstacles she faced along her career, and the stunning determination she has cultivated and maintained to get to where she is at now; namely being her own boss, and creating her own career. She also discusses her recently published book, Freelancer’s Framework, where she discusses how engineers of physical products can succeed as freelancers. I have had the pleasure of working with Erin in a professional role, and her knowledge of how to succeed and thrive in the world of optics, which she shares here, has been invaluable. I am sure listeners will find this episode to be a great resource.

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Thanks SO MUCH for having me, Logan! It was an honor to be on.

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