What should I ask Julius Muschaweck?

I will be speaking with Julius Muschaweck, who in an expert in the illumination field, and takes perhaps the most refreshingly poetic perspective on mathematics and light that I have encountered. To learn more about Julius please see his personal website: https://www.jmoptics.de/

I plan to cover how he entered into illumination and optics, what his goal is in the field now, what future potential exists for the field, and a few other topics. Please add your own questions here.

@janetacree replies: Trains, Octoberfest, bayern munich

I plan to ask overrated underrated on fantasy novels, computer aided design, and perhaps the idea of wonder, Leibnez, but we will see.

Additionally, I will ask about modeling sources, specifically the benefit of cos^n, his work on standardizing source files, and etendue.

@Isaac is curious to know, based on Julius’ talk on sources, if accuracy in illumination is a key consideration in the ray trace. Also, would it ever be useful to have a photorealistic simulation of the system in a qualitative sense.

@jshockley requests I ask over under on projective geometry and the honeycomb conjecture.