What should I ask Craig Ament, Founder of Arizona Thin Films?

I will be talking to Craig Ament soon regarding thin films and his new company and background in optics. Craig completed his bachelors at The University of Central Florida and obtained his masters in optics from The University of Arizona. After working for Edmund Optics, he left to recently create his own thin films company in Tucosn Arizona. If you have a question you would like asked please chime in here!

I think it would be interesting for you both, as optics business founders, discussed how your education did or did not help you with the startup/business process. Anything you “wish you would have known” before creating a company!

Thin Films can be a mysterious subject. I’d be curious to hear Craig discuss what may be some common misconceptions he hears from folks he has done coatings and thin films for.

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For sure!

My questions:

  • Where is the thin films industry going (what tech is upcoming and cool, what some of the major challenges they face are, etc)?
  • What are the basic rules of thumb for someone using AR coatings in imaging applications?
  • Why would you ever not want to coat a lens?

Sounds like a cool interview!

I am bumping this one as I will be speaking with Craig Ament soon, if anyone has additional questions please post them here!