Spark Platform Updates - March 2022

Spark is receiving some cool new updates! New features have been added including custom glass support, new surface types have been added, and minor security updates are included. For current users, expect your experience to get even better, and if you haven’t signed up yet, there has never been a better time to get setup for a free trial and see how Spark can improve your daily workflow. If you have requests for new features or support, let us know!

New Features

  • Custom Glass Catalog Support
    Spark now supports uploading custom glass catalogs. Previously if you uploaded a system that utilized a glass not in the database the system would fail to upload properly. Now, if you upload a system with custom glass that is not in the database, you will be propted to additionally upload the custom glass file for that system (a ‘.AGF’ file).

You can then simply drag and drop your .AFG file into the upload area and the custom glass will be supported only for your workspace. This will not add the custom glass to Spark’s general glass database, keeping your personal glass files personal to you and your team.

Surface Support

  • Zernike Sag Surfaces
    Surfaces whose sag is defined by the Zernike polynomial (in Noll or Fringe ordering basis) are now supported. Previously system’s with these surface types would fail to upload. Now, Spark will accurately support these surfaces, and there is no limitation to Zernike polynomial order that can be supported. See the full definition of the Zernike surface for details.
  • Toroid Surfaces
    Surfaces whose sag is defined by a curved surface which may include any combination of a conic, asphere, or zernike (or all of them) along one axis, referred to as the x-axis. This curved surface is treated as a close plane surface, which is rotated about about the x-axis. The surface is rotated bout the x-axis by some defined distance, referred to as the distance of rotation, and the rotation of the surface defines the curvature in the y-axis.