Spark Beta Preview Suggestions Thread

Thank you for trying out the Spark Beta Preview! We really hope you enjoyed this sneak preview at what is to come in our full software deployment coming soon. If you have any suggestions on ways to enhance the software functionality or user experience please let us know!

Further, if you have not done so, we would greatly appreciate if you could fill out the software demo survey! The survey can be found here.

@Salsbury suggests the following:

  1. It would be great to add tolerance analysis results to the analysis options. This is an important feature to include in reports.
  2. “One feature that would be nice is for you to “snapshot” an analysis window and embed that into text. It’s nice to have the ability to change and scale the analysis, but it I want to call attention to a specific detail it would be great to have a fixed perspective/scaling analysis result that I could describe and call attention to.”
  3. Having different surfaces color coded with respect to their tolerance requirements would be helpful.

A user recommends the following:

  1. “I’d recommend that your markdown and mathjax links open up in a new page rather than leaving the work on this page.”
  2. The 2D contour plot zoom needs to be improved.

I wonder if the 2D contour plot zoom issue being referenced is the ability to zoom back out? I like the way that the 3D zoom can be controlled with the mouse wheel, maybe that would be useful for the 2D plot as well!

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That is a great point. We initially went with the 2D drag to zoom as it felt like it may offer better control over where the user actually cares to focus, but I agree the 3D scroll wheel zooming is far smoother (and ended up being easier to control in my opinion).