Spark Beta Preview is now Live and Open to the Public!

We are excited to announce a Preview of the Beta build of the Spark Optical Report Web App.

Using a demo optical system we have provided, you can create a dynamic report with interactive 3D layouts of your system, analyze your system with responsive MTF, PSF, and Zernike Wavefront fitting tools, chat with your team members in report discussion threads, and instantly share your report with your collaborators.

You can access the preview from the ELE Optics website. We also strongly encourage you to share the preview with anyone you think would be interested. The preview is fully open to the public.

Book a 1 on 1 guided session and we will show you around the web app here!

If you experience any problems during the preview do not hesitate to contact our tech support team at:

Please consider completing our survey on the Spark Beta Preview after you have used it for some time! The survey can be found here.

More information about the Preview is available in the official FAQ.