Pearl John on Utilizing Holography for Art and Outreach

Dr. Pearl John sat down to discuss her work in art, holography, and optics outreach. Pearl discusses her artwork, which touches upon both the very human side of time, memories, and relationships, as well as pieces that help to promote and explain complex science topics. Throughout her work, a common feature is the use of art, and holograms, to convey and speak to these concepts. In addition, or perhaps as part of, her art, Pearl also has been active in performing optics outreach, and fostering excitement and joy at learning more about optics. Pearl’s work is remarkable, and her approach helps to explore the boundary between art, science, and humans involved in both. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!


  1. Pearl’s Website:
  2. Lights Express:
  3. Robotic Vision and Virtual Interfacings, Pearl John as co-author: