New Project: Open Source Optics Plugin for Rhino3D Cad Software

Hello all -

I have started a personal project to develop a plugin in for Rhino3D for optics. It’s initial form is as a kind of sandbox/sketchpad for quick optical concepts (mostly non-imaging related) with some simple ray tracing. I would like to continue to expand it to have full functionality and am open to anyone that wants to contribute. The plugin is developed in C# and familiarity with Rhino3D is not necessary to contribute.

The current state of the project can be found here

Rhino itself is not free ($995 for full individual copy or $195 for students/teachers) but well below the cost of most commercial non imaging optics programs.

Items I am looking to implement in the near future:

  • Read in raysets to define rays for tracing
  • Define detectors for calculating photometric quantities
  • Wavelength dependent ray tracing materials and analysis
  • Sequential lens system layout and paraxial trace analysis