Joel Berkson on Fringe Metrology and Starting an Optical Metrology Company

Joel Berkson sat down to discuss forming his optical metrology company, Fringe Metrology. Joel discusses the ups and downs of creating a startup, why more people should try it, and how to evaluate a product market fit before diving in head first. Joel expands on how they have refined Fringe Metrology’s product fit and offerings to meet market needs, particularly in the area of metrology for larger, often rougher surface optical elements. This was a great conversation, an it was a delight to hear Joel’s passion and candid reflection on his experience forming a business.


  1. Company Website:
  2. Joel’s Dissertation: Methods for Design, Metrology, and Alignment of Scalable Large Optical Systems
  3. NSF I-Corp Program: NSF's Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) | NSF - National Science Foundation