Imaging through a beam splitter

Do you all have any tips on imaging through a 45 degree beam splitter? I used a Chief Ray solve on the Decenter Y to restore the coordinates (in correct order), but I’m still having a heck of a time getting a good MTF.
Unfortunately pellicle and cube BS’s aren’t an option.
Thanks a lot!

Right… get the light as collimated as possible (I realized before going to sleep). Any other tips I’m missing? Thanks!

Turns out the solution looks like this. It ain’t pretty, but it works!!

Put a small wedge on the beamsplitter. Usually around half a degree. If your system isn’t monochromatic, then use a low dispersion material, like fused silica to minimize chromatic aberration.

Dave Shafer came to the rescue:

@lrgraves , you should try to get him on the podcast. He seems like quite a colorful character. (His slides are a great resource for lens design)

That is a great idea @AlanG ! I have read and enjoyed his powerpoints in the past. I will try to set something up with him.