Henry Quach on how COVID has affected graduate research

In this episode, Henry Quach, who is in his third year of the Wyant College of Optics graduate program, discusses how his research has been affected by COVID-19. This is a fascinating topic as we discuss how this period of graduate school is already typically one of the more challenging yet formative phases of a graduate program, and Henry explores how the unique constraints have required creative inspiration on the student’s part to maintain forward progress. We discuss mental health, research, and the meta-purpose of graduate school; and if all of that doesn’t meet the science/engineering expectations for this podcast, Henry also shows off some very cool home built devices and 3D printed tools he has created.

For updates on Henry’s, and the LOFT group’s, research, see: http://www.loft.optics.arizona.edu/

For the full video of the episode, please visit: