Gig Alert for Optical Engineer - Will Consider Jr. Engineer

Hey all,

I was contacted by a recruiting agency looking for an optical engineer for a contract with possibility-to-turn-full-time role. I said I’d pass it on to OEs I know.

The company is looking for help in Georgia, and would prefer someone local. I told her most optical engineering consultants don’t relocate for short-term gigs, and she understood that, knocking the hiring manager’s expectations from 100% onsite to 1/2 onsite. (Which I know still would suck for most of us.)

I think it’s mainly in imaging optics, but they also listed LightTools as a SW they’d like experience in - maybe for parts of the heads up display…? The recruiter didn’t really have details. Sorry!

The desired expertise looks pretty extensive, but the recruiter did say they’d also entertain hiring a jr. engineer because the need is great.

In any case, I’ve been getting a lot of requests like these in the past week from companies wanting help finding hardware engineering contractors! I’m strongly considering adding a job board to – but only allowing companies to post short-term contracts in HW dev - no full-time permanent jobs. Hit me up if you’d be interested in knowing if that goes live.

Otherwise, let me know if you want an intro to the recruiter for this gem:

Location- Peachtree City, GA (Can work 2 weeks onsite then 2 weeks remote)
Length- 6 Months (ideally looking for someone to convert full time)
Interview Process- 1 PS then Skype (1hr tech panel interview)
Start Date- March 29th
Project: Working on an Automotive Heads-Up-Display System

Skills- .
Camera Characterization
Optical experience
Must have experience working on projects that deal with capturing light w/ lens

Official JD:
Responsible for concept, design, development, modification, and evaluation of heads up display (HUD) and camera platform technology/product

  • Designs and develops optical components, such as lenses, mirrors, films, diffuser, including creation of drawings and management of suppliers related to these optical components. Determine optical component requirements and availability appropriate to product phase.
  • Develops test plans and evaluations of optical system performance HUD projection systems.
  • Develops test plans and evaluations of optical system performance camera (RGB & IR) systems.
  • Collaborates with multiple engineers disciplines (optical, systems, electrical, mechanical, and software engineering) as well as local or global design teams to achieve required technical feasibility of designs.


  • Expertise in Zemax, Code V, Light Tools, and/or Ansys optical design software, including macro-writing, sensitivity analysis and tolerancing and MATLAB interfacing.
  • Experience in illumination and imaging with reflective, refractive, diffractive and holographic optical elements
  • Experience with light source design (LED, OLED, laser, etc.) including light evaluation tools (Optis or equivalent)
  • Experience with picture generation units (TFT LCD, DLP), polarizers, IR/UV cut filters, etc.
  • Experience with camera sensors and lens design/characterization.