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If you haven’t heard about it yet, allow me to introduce you to a project that I roped @lrgraves and Julius Muschawek into.

It’s called Odd Engineer, and visitors can find experts in hard-to-find niche specialties and immediately book and pay for appointments with them. I tried to get a nice spectrum of physical product development knowledge represented, but IT’S A BIT OPTICS-HEAVY, TBH.

Right now, it’s only a 4-month pilot to see if I can prove the concept, but if the metrics validate the idea, I plan to build a bigger version next.

So, if you hit a wall and need to talk to a fellow nerd who understands the optics rabbit hole you work in…

…OR if you need something from a different niche of optics explained to you, you can check out all the optics/photonics people who can help you here:

I’m also running 3 Fantabulous Giveaways right now, so please let anyone who might be interested know!

  1. For companies/product dev teams/hardware startups trying to work on some part of their system that’s outside their skill set: winner gets 1 free appointment with any Odd Engineer and sweet Nerd Swag

  2. The John Camilleri Giveaway – For engineers who want to go freelance or start working in a new niche of engineering: winner gets 1 free appt. with any engineer to talk about how they do those things, nerd swag, and free copy of “Freelancer’s Framework, Guidebook 1: Building Brand”
    If you’re curious, you can learn about my late friend John, and his (and my) rough paths to switching from corporate lackey to independent business owner in this video.

  3. For students/university groups or classes/jr. engineers wanting to learn about a career path of one of the Odd Engineers: winner gets free appt, swag, the book

:partying_face:GRAND PRIZE:
Anyone who entered one of the 3 drawings will also get entered into the giveaway for the Grand Prize = free appt, swag, book AND a pair of Bose Noise-canceling headphones.
Something like this:

And if you enter, be sure to use the link you get at the end to spread the word about these giveaways! Each time someone uses your link to enter, you’ll get 5 more chances to win.


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