Fun optical design contest

Hey all!
I was just introduced to this site by Erin McDermott. Great to see there’s a forum for optics professionals. I’m an optics designer living in Israel.
I came across this challenge a few days ago that I thought was really creative!

Anyone else want to take a stab at it?

This is pretty cool, thanks for dropping the link @AlanG! I haven’t participated in a design contest in a long time (~7 years), this seems like a fun way to jump back in.

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Agreed! I’ve always really enjoyed the creativity of the problems that they announce. Thanks for the reminder! If I decide to give it a go, I will update you all on the progress and ask for your feedback and share my methods. It would be a great way to learn from each other about our tricks when designing!


Yup! The Practical Optical Design Seminar group at the University of Arizona Wyant College of Optical Sciences is taking a stab at the IODC problem. I’m also very eager to see if Dr. Juergens is planning to post an illumination problem. I sure hope he does.