David Aikens and Eric Herman on Modern Optical Drawings: The ISO10110 Companion

I sat down with Dave Aikens and Eric Herman to discuss their recent book “Modern Optical Drawings: The ISO10110 Companion”, which they co-authored along with Richie Youngworth. I cannot recommend this book highly enough for those who need to get an optic made. It concisely serves as a companion reference book for when you need to know how to define certain aspects of your system, and it contains practical guides on how to utilize the ISO10110 standard in your design process to assure you get your system made correctly, from design to drawing to verification and testing. Dave and Eric discuss why they made the book, some of the art and subtleties behind what goes into getting a design made correctly, and the benefits of using the ISO10110 designation in your drawings.

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  1. Modern Optics Drawings: The ISO 10110 Companion | (2022) | Herman | Publications | Spie
  2. Official ISO10110 Drawing Standards
  3. Optimax’s Tolerancing Sheet, the standard for where to start on tolerances.

Great episode! Thanks!! After hearing this I went online and bought their book!

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