Craig Ament on Thin Films, Entrepreneurship, and Founding Arizona Thin Films

In this episode, Craig Ament discusses thin films and their near universal application in the optics industry. He comments on how he started his company, Arizona Thin Films, key considerations in incorporating films into a design, and what unique features his company provides. Craig also discusses some of the key lessons learned with regards to founding a company, and addressed common questions he gets when a customer needs a new thin film for their product. Highly recommended!

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  1. Arizona Thin Films, Craig Ament’s company providing thin film coating and design services
  2. Atomic Layer Deposition technology
  3. Edmund Optics Introduction to Optical Coatings

Also, people asked questions, and Craig answered!
Here is the link to the video where I relay your questions and Craig addresses them, Big shoutout to @Isaac, @nirantha , and a few others who emailed me questions to ask and of course to @craigament for answering these all.