What should I ask Pat Hager?

I am very excited to be sitting down with Dr. Patrick Hager next week. Pat retired from 3M, where he served as a corporate scientist and worked on thin films and adhesives, among other things. He has a highly interesting approach to success in a corporate world, and has successfully created several patents during his career. Please let me know what you would like me to ask him!

Hello Logan
I have lots of questions for you and I nailed down as below.

  1. Adhesion solution for a space mission. Are there any kine of both side tape for space?
  2. The glue between metal to glass, thin polymer(10-50 um thickness) to glass. What type of epoxy is the golden rule for difference CTE material?
  3. People want to have low adhesion sometimes. (e.g., molding process) Does 3M have the answer for anti-adhesion as well? (spray or coating ?)

Iā€™m really looking forward to your podcast!

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